European Elections 2024

The European Parliament elections will be held on June 6, 2024. You can vote if you have the Dutch nationality or the nationality of another European Union (EU) country.


You can decide in which country of the EU you will vote. You can either vote in the Netherlands or in the country of your nationality. Do you want to vote in the Netherlands? Then you will vote for the Dutch members of the European Parliament.

Voting pass

If you are allowed to vote, you will receive a voting pass from the municipality in May 2024. Your voting pass will allow you to vote in the European Parliament elections.

Revoke registration 

If you prefer to vote in the European elections in the EU country of which you are a national, you are not required to register with your Dutch municipality, unless you have already registered for the European elections, in the Netherlands. In that case, you should contact the Dutch municipality where you live, to withdraw your previous Y 32 registration. You can request information about any previous registration from your municipality.