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Om verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, vindt onze dienstverlening aan de balies uitsluitend op afspraak plaats. We vragen u om zoveel mogelijk digitaal te regelen.

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Genneperhuis (ENG)

The ruins of Fortress Genneperhuis are situated where the river Niers tributary joins the Meuse (Maas). In the Middle Ages the Lords of Gennep built their citadel, probably on the site of an earlier Roman fort. Later on, the citadel was extended with various fortifications. Several timesthe very strategically located Genneperhuis stood in the line of fire, including during the Siege of Gennep in 1641. Ultimately, the castle was destroyed by the French in 1710.

In order to make history more accessible and visible, parts of the former citadel (the defensive works) in the area around the ruin have been restored. Small bridges have been constructed and a new viewing point on the highest peak of the ruin has been built. From this viewing point one has view of three provinces with a great diversity of landscapes, such as the Meuse Hedges (Maasheggen), the floodplains, the point where the Niers tributary joins the river Meuse (Maas) and the wooded moraine of the Reichswald. The Laarzenpad (Boots path) along the Niers offers a better look at this part of history. The route is 5 miles long and marked by posts with white stickers and brown print.